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I am a Digital Marketer who has both the knowledge and experience needed to perform key actions required for your business's success.

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Digital Marketing Freelancer, Reza Abyan

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Digital marketing consultant expert with 4+ years of professional experience.

Do you want to grow your business and understand how online marketing works? Not only will I help you grow your brand, but I will also show you how to do it. I have built who I am by leaving a lasting impression, so let me impress you.

My Approach

Have a one on one consutation with me and define what areas you need help with.


We work together to establish your goals and the problems that need fixing.

Check and analyze the data collected to track epectations.


Track & analyze the data collected against the defined expectations.

Plan and create a marketing plan to solve businesses problems.


Create an achievable strategy that offers the best solutions to your problems.

Base on results make changes if needed and implement marketing plan.


Make changes to the strategy if needed and implement it as the new baseline.

Run and test marketing strategies.


Test the strategy and track the results with specific KPI's set in place.

Establish lasting connection with regular follow ups.

Follow up

By now we have established a great connection, and follow up routine to keep in touch.

Social Media Marketing

Strengthen your brand message through targeted social media campaigns.


Creative writing that goes through SEO analysis and keyword research to increase your ranking.

Website Design

Fully responsive websites with pixel perfect design combined with copywriting context.


Professional, Friendly, Impressive Leadership skills, work well in groups, and respectful.

Alexander Jonsson, CA

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Whatsapp: +1-226-749-1388

Email: raabyaneh@gmail.com

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