Instagram has 1 billion monthly active users. That's why this app is a great platform to engage and interact with your audience while building trust and awareness. With 200M users viewing business profiles daily, the platform has become a sensational tool to spread your message. 


Did you know 63% of Instagram users log in at least once a day? That's a lot of people! With Instagram advertising you have a potential reach to 850M users.


On average 130M users tap on shopping posts every month. Instagram is one of the BEST advertising tools out there, but are you using it right? Instagram has its own insight tool build within the platform that is very helpful for marketing. Knowing how to use the data provided will allow you to build campaigns around the 4 W's (who, what, why and when) for great returns. As a digital marketing expert, I have 4+ years of professional experience in social media management and advertising. I can create Instagram ads, Instagram Promotions, or put together a campaign to promote your Instagram page.

Instagram promotions' biggest use is brand awareness. By boosting a post you can get the traction your post deserves. My goal is to take your business and scale it up through Instagram advertising and promotions. With relevant hashtags and creative content, I will interact with your followers to spark growth. Bet on me and let me show you exactly what I mean. You can even signup to receive the first 5-hours of my services free of charge! 

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Instagram images gain 23% more engagement compared to Facebook, and about 66% of visitors to business profiles don't even follow them yet!

Are you ready to up your Instagram marketing game? It is estimated that 75% of Instagram users will take action on an ad at some point. Start promoting your page and using the incredible marketing and selling power that Instagram has to offer. Hire me as your personal social media manager and I will create Instagram marketing campaigns that will grow your Instagram page.  

80% of users follow at least one brand on Instagram

70% of users look up a brand on Instagram

66% of users visiting a business profile are not following them yet

46% of content on Instagram is coming from stories

60% of users find out about a brand on Instagram







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