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Why you should travel!

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

I’ll start with why I started traveling. I started working as a digital marketing freelancer 2 years ago. Yes, a freelancer! This type of work sounds a lot easier than it actually is. The start is extremely hard and I still face many challenges up to this day; especially as someone who never finished his diploma.

I really enjoy the work I do as a marketing freelancer. The past 2 years have been an enjoyable battle up the social ladder. With that being said, I was also trying to plan the direction I wanted to be headed. A lot of self-thinking and decision-making later, I've had enough.

In September 2019, I was invited to a wedding in Italy. Two weeks before the wedding date, I looked into one-way flights from Canada to Italy. To my surprise, I found an extremely good deal and booked it right away.

Without any planning or knowledge, I flew to Italy. I didn't know what I was doing, but I told myself that I’ll figure it out along the way.

5 Countries - 25 Cities - 2 Months

Fast forward 2 months, I am still breathing and happier than ever. I want to keep this short, but wow where do I begin!

Last-minute bookings, searching for the internet, and where will I be staying are all things that crossed my mind over and over. It was a disaster, but a wonderful disaster.

You shouldn't worry about it at all, because you will pick it up quickly.

Let me tell you all about:


It is a big world out there with a lot to discover and many to meet. As someone who was lost and needed guidance, I took this as an opportunity to set my path and decide on a specific goal.

Have an open mindset and know what you're trying to achieve. Perhaps you want to experience the joy of traveling and learn things you never did. No doubt you will become a better version of yourself.

I met so many wonderful people whom I can now consider my closest friends. I made special connections with different individuals from different parts of the world.

Through meeting many new people you will start to share your story over and over again; therefore you will start to understand who you are by telling your story.

Traveling allowed me to do that, and now I feel more confident in myself than ever. You will become an expert storyteller, and more importantly, you will learn how to tell your own story. #storytime

You will face a lot of problems, both mentally and physically, but that’s just part of building your character. There is no experience without any mistakes. Think positive and be the best version of yourself, or what I like to say "Unlock yourself"!

You will meet many solo travelers who have been traveling for a while and hear about their stories. You will meet like-minded individuals left and right allowing you to connect with them on a different level.

It’s so great that it will be so hard to say goodbye to them making that one of the hardest parts of traveling alone. Every new place is a new challenge; you make great friends while creating wonderful memories.

Then the goodbyes come and you all move on to the next adventure. Your journey doesn't end with the goodbyes; with every new place, you make new friendships. A friend from Germany once told me about a saying they have:

“You will meet a friend at least twice in a lifetime.”

There is a beautiful world out there with amazing people waiting to meet you. Get out there and explore the world with your own eyes, understand the different cultures, learn new languages, and become the version of yourself that you never expected to be.

Honestly, this thing heals you. This is not even a vacation, it's not easy, and it's not hard. It's just one hell of an experience.

Learn to tell your story and set your footprints!

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